vita sine libris mors est

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"a few final marks are necessary" said the literary theorist. the hours pass.. hours become days, days become weeks, weeks become an undifferentiated mire, numb, habituated ,empty of affect… the world spins ever slower on its axis… your post is mulched into a fine paste, doused with ammonia nd fed to the capitalist pigs…. your beard grows white.. your children cry as the carrion feast on their eyeballs…. the chapter ends

splitclit replied to your post: date that i went on last week was grea…

omg eelnaor did you kick him in the balls

no but i made him probably $3.50 poorer and stole an hour of his life force! dating is gr8!

siq1 replied to your post: date that i went on last week was grea…

I read ‘Homo’ as ‘Horno’… he described something as ‘Horno’.

that would have had potential to be Interesting but he really just was the worst!

date that i went on last week was great! he is such a terrible person! he has a degree in Marketing from Otago! and was arrested three times for Drinking! and he described something as Homo that had nothing to do with queer anything! and he paid and now i have another date with someone else this dating thing is Fun maybe i am Adult